How To Stay On Track To A Profitable Home Based Business

Nothing can replace persistence and innovation if you care to have any chance of having a profitable home based business.

All the looks, the intelligence, and the money might be great to have, but it’s not going to help you have a profitable home based business. Persistence and innovation is going to be what you’ll need to succeed.

Let me recount a true story about the power of persistence and innovation

In 1990 this person I know decided he wanted to start a profitable home based business of his own.

By 2001 He was flat broke. I mean he was past broke if you could say such a thing.

He was incredibly in over his head, with a debt of $60,000 and he wasn’t bringing in an income.

Never in a million years did he ever think he wouldn’t have a profitable home based business by then. And how life goes, the bills kept rolling in like clockwork. Each creditor wanting their money right away.

They had no idea that he wasn’t able to pay any of them.

He wasn’t living his dream of having a profitable home based business and he was pinned against a rock and a hard place. He had to have cash fast or he was going to lose everything, including his house. He figured this would have broken up his family for sure.

He was taking in from $500 to $1000 a month while his bills and living expenses easily reached 3000+ a month. A profitable home based business would have taken care of it but…

The math was simple and didn’t add up. Every month he was going deeper and deeper in debt by paying bills with credit card cash advances.

He drained $25,000 in savings and dug himself into a $60,000 credit card pit.

But…in just ONE MONTH he was able to completely reverse what he was doing wrong when he of course figured it out. In fact, astonishingly he went from $500 a month to over $9000 in the very next month.

And it got even better with the next month pulling in $15,000 a month.

And then could you believe $25,000?

Then his home based Internet business just took off like he was shot out of a cannon making him $50,000 per month

He was doing so good that he decided to write extensively on his rise to success in making the real transition to a profitable home based business.

And what’s outstanding about this is that he’s developed 2 courses that explain in detail how anyone can duplicate what he’s done to sustain a profitable home based business if they are persistent.

But with all the detail and painstaking attempts he’s made to make these courses awesome, there is one variable he had know control over.

Can you think what that one major variable was? Well the answer was You of course.

None of us are or ever will be the same. It doesn’t matter how much we try to imitate someone, we will always do it a little different in our own original path. So when it comes to our own profitable home based business, we have to find our own path.

He concluded that ‘success’ is dependent on many variables. Your personality, skills, experiences, cultural background and motivation etc.

Since we are all unique, a profitable home based business is not going to happen doing it just exactly like someone else. Of course I’m not saying not to learn from others, but rather we need to fit what we learn according to our own personalities.

That means to follow a model or learn information and integrate it into our very own personal business philosophy.

It’s critical that you build your profitable home based business based on who you are.

You’re home based Internet business must mirror you as a the person you really are. I don’t want to get philosophical on you, but just to say you need to have confidence in yourself, if you are to have a profitable home based business.

If you don’t find yourself, It can be easy to get stuck with indecision because of the lack of confidence or for whatever reason. This can slow your progress towards a profitable home based business.

Here are 3 ways you can unstick yourself and keep going towards your dream of a profitable home based business.

1-When you just can’t seem to get past a problem and you’re not moving forward, get out of your house and go somewhere completely different. Who cares where it’s at, just go and spend a day or two in a completely different environment. You’ll refresh your mind and think more clearly as you completely change your routine.

2-Take a 180 degree turn in your daily routine. Do things that are totally uncharacteristic of you. Take a different road you never thought to take or learn a hobby that you wanted to do, but never considered doing. Get your mind working in a way that it has never worked before.

3- This sounds bizarre, but when you can’t move forward, jump up and down, shout and dance and just physically move that body of yours. Get the body moving in different ways has a way of stimulating the mind in ways to create new ways of thinking and getting you unstuck in your current way of thinking.

To conclude a profitable home based business can be yours if you get the right information and guidance that can be integrated into your own personality. Find out who you are and be that person in your business. When you get stuck along the way take a 180-degree turn in doing things to unstick yourself and keep your thinking clear and fresh.

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